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We are the leading manufacturers of high quality noise control products. We offer an assortment of sound attenuation products that can meet any acoustic challenge. Our products are scientifically engineers to cover all domains. We are confident of our products, ability and expertise to provide the economic and optimal solutions to protect the environment from high sound frequency.

Acoustic Enclosures Specially designed enclosure to contain the noise of the equipment inside. It is used for machines such as generator sets, power press, turbines, punch press and others.
Room Acoustics To improve the quality and clarity of sound in a large room or hall by providing sound absorption ability for reflective sound reverberation.
Acoustic Louver Used for noise attenuation of heavy equipment that need a lot of air circulation like chillers, cooling towers, blowers etc.Acoustic louvers are used on the air vents.
Noise Barrier For outdoor noise control generated from industries, commercial equipment, traffic or other sources. The noise barriers protect the surrounding environment.
Acoustic Curtain They are made of acoustic fabric and are well suited for performance halls, stage and any other areas that need a temporary removable sound barrier.
Acoustic Baffles Used to reduce echo and improve the quality of sound in large room and halls with sound reflective surfaces.
Noise Test Booth A sound proof enclosure used to test or measure the level of noise. It is used in different areas like auto part noise testing and NVH tests.
Anechoice Chamber A chamber devoid of reverberation and echo. It is used to measure noise level and reverberation.
Sound Proof Cabins Operator cabins mounted on heavy duty equipment that generate high frequency noise. Also used in forging plants, steel plants etc.
Acoustic Door Sound proof doors for acoustic cabins and enclosures. The doors have a sill and magnetic seal to prevent noise leakage.
Sliding Partition Acoustic partitions are used in an industrial area or factory to protect or separate an office space.
Silencer Used to muffle the sound emitted from exhaust vents of industrial equipment. They have different types of functionality.
Movable Partitions Movable acoustic wall that can be folded back to enlarge a room. It is used as room dividers to effectively utilise space. Areas can be cordoned off for performances and rehearsals.
Sound Proof Glass Window Effective for buildings located close to noisy areas. It is also used for visibility panels in acoustic enclosures and for transparent noise barriers.

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We are recognized for our wide range of products with unmatched quality. Our expertise team of members provides full support to the customers on all the matters pertaining to the
selection of products as for specific applications. Combined with zealous efforts, motivation and technical skills, we have a strong client base across the world.

Why Envirotech

With over a decade of experience in providing noise control solutions for the environment we are now proficient in the field. We have fine-tuned our expertise with scientific precisions to meet our client’s specific requirements. The rapid development in many spheres over the years has helped us to grow, hone our skills and increase our understanding of the many acoustic attenuation needs. Our sound control solution will surpass your expectations. We have a complete range of solutions for every domain.

Our commitment to excellence is an ongoing process. We continuously work towards delivering high standard quality products. Our dedication to quality products starts from the first step. The raw materials that we source are quality tested before we even begin to manufacture parts. At each stage we perform quality checks to ensure that all everything is as per the required standard. Our quality team are very actively involved in the manufacturing process of our acoustic products.

Some of our Featured Products

An ideal solution for noise absorptions and reducing reverberation while acting as a divider between two areas .....

Scientifically designed acoustic enclosures to protect the environment from the harmful effects of noise pollution from machines and industrial plants ...

Doors with attractive finish that have been acoustically designed for high quality sound reduction. The doors have special jambs, seals, hinges and sills to prevent noise leakage. ...

Specially designed acoustic baffles prevent echo in large rooms. Aesthetically attractive sound absorbing devices can reduce the noise level to a great degree. ...

They have the capability to mitigate sound and protect the enclosed areas from being affected by high frequency sound in the neighbourhood. They are effective outdoors and also act as a wall. ...

Our Aim

At Envirotech Systems Pvt. Ltd. we aim at providing our clients with the best answers that perfectly suit their need while also ensuring high quality and safety standards. Our commitment is to protecting the environment while delivering high end workable cost effective solutions for noise control. We believe in growing with our clients and in long term associations.

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